Spicy Brigade

Mission Statement

Our primary purpose is to support the Tri-City Chili Peppers Players, Coaches, Staff, & fanbase as a whole. We also want to be a beacon for our community, as well as our neighboring communities in creating or assisting in opportunities that build stronger bonds from one community to the next.


-Free T-Shirt Upon Joining

-Private team dinner with players + Coaches during the season

-Before the season, have a meet & greet between the coaches and the Spicy Brigade’s members and families.

-Have a specific section in Shepherd Stadium reserved for the group

-For monthly meetings: create fun experiences, with pot-luck style dinners or sponsored/catered meals.

-Updates on what the Spicy Brigade is doing on our monthly newsletter

-Point System:

1 Point per hour worked. The more points the better the prizes.

*Examples: 3 Points = Sticker || 5 Points = Koozie || 30 Points = T-Shirt (subject to change)

Examples of Spicy Brigade Tasks

-Set up tables at events (talk about the team/hand out flyers).

-Volunteer time to assist out staff for events thrown at Shepherd Stadium.

-Bring Blaze to events.

-Help out at our home games (primarily by creating an energetic experience).

-Attend some away games to support our players.

-Represent our brand/image.

-We would talk to each individual and ask how they see themselves as a member of this club and how they wish to help on an individual basis (ex. Someone may want to bake goodies for our players, or has a passion for hospitality, etc. - and we will find a way for them to use their specific talents to help the Chili Peppers).


-Attend at least 50% of our home games.

-Attend at least 20% of our away games.

-During off-season, must attend at least 1 event per month.

-Must wear Spicy Brigade merchandise during events.

-Must Attend all Meetings (unless approved by the president).

-Meetings are on the third Monday of each month.

(If you do not abide by the rules, you are subject to withdrawal from the club)

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